5 Red flags to be aware when a vendor purchases hair

  • We explain some of the red flags that you should remember in this article while looking for a vendor. It's for hair company owners in particular. So let's get into it without any more ado!

    On your quest to find a hair seller, the first red flag is what you can see very much if not nine out of 10. And those photos and videos have been stolen. The blonde color wig would be difficult now, but you have to differentiate between stolen pictures and those taken by influencers who promote them. Distinguishing between the two is not easy and figuring out what isn't easy. But the organization has other features that you will be paying attention to, and that will be contextual indications. You can tell if you're dealing with a decent seller who has good hair and values compared with a seller who only looks for some coins and isn't prepared to scam it. But you'll have to be careful. You don't have to be intelligent and not stupid, it's not easy to pick one apart.

    The second red flag is if you order a few hairs. Before you decide it is your permanent supplier, make sure you sample the hair. Your hair, please test. And if you test any hair, there's hair in it and a straight frontal lace wig smells really good, even you wash it, it's thick, it doesn't go anywhere, what it's chemical on your hair. And it doesn't matter what. If your hair isn't raw, it's a virgin. Raw hair is not processed and virgin hair is normally processed by steam. Not processed chemically. Although it has chemicals on the hair if you smell a really strong smell. There could be two things, let's say that you face the vendor, they admit that for whatever reason they have added chemicals on their hair. Perhaps it should be kept shiny or silky. You should order your hair without the chemicals if you are confessing to do so. Perhaps you should go on with this supplier to see how quality hair is when the chemicals are taken away. Don't buy from them if they lie to you! It's important to know in the hair industry and finding a seller who can reach every point on the board is harder than ever. Find a supplier who will keep you honest, keep it real, and tell you that you have a winner and teach you about their operation in their countries.

    The next red flag is something you've known about if you've been on this hair journey for quite some time because you're probably already scared, probably scared, anxious, and that'll be nervous, so a company tells you it's either through Western Union or the Money Gram. Some countries don't make Paypal until you lose your marbles. Burma's seller, for example, embraces only Western Union, and some Indian sellers will take only Money Gram. However, you are about to get scammed if a seller in Chinese tries to tell you they only accept money from Money Gram or Western Union. Paypal is in China. In China.

    The next red flag is whether an organization ever has an explanation about why video chat is not possible. You don't want to get scammed because this is so critical for one person. People in the hair industry are currently highly naive and extremely insecure. It's a very disturbing time when many people don't know what to look for or what to flee from seeing certain items, particularly from the vendors. Many sellers are going to let you choose to choose your packages.

    Another thing you probably don't know is that many sellers will create personalized textures. So let's just say that you see a texture that you like, but your vendor doesn't always give it, you can send your vendor a photo. Since something that is not straight, is processed by steam and chemicals are two separate processes if you order body wave hair or any kind of curly hair. You could have a texture of the hair, no one else has it, that may be your bread and butter, when your vendor processes hair with steam.